Prospectus History and Aims


Prospectus History


Goethe-Gesellschaft in Japan was founded in 1931 and the first volume of Goethe-Jahrbuch was released in 1932—one hundred years after the death of Goethe. Although the journal was once discontinued in 1943, it made a revival in 1959 with the release of its renewed volume one and has since been active to this day. On March 22, 1961, the organization was approved as a corporation. In addition to training young researchers through our Goethe Award project, we release annual journals and booklets, hold meetings, symposia, and music concerts.





Goethe-Gesellschaft in Japans goal is to understand and spread German culture and aid the development of academic culture through promoting collaborative research pertaining to German culture, mainly through research on the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and German culture during his time.


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